A-to-B Rides

"It's not lazy, it's luxury"

Arrive to your destination in style on a GBT Pedicab (read “chariot”). No distance is too short (we can take the long way, too, if you want).

To book a ride today, call (864) 293-3065 10-15 minutes before you’re ready.

Pricing (per passenger):

  • First 10 minutes: $7
  • Additional minutes: 70 ¢/minute
  • Half-hour: $21
  • Hour: $42
  • Doggies and babies: free!
  • *We can reach most destinations downtown in 10 minutes or less.

    Not ready to ride today?

    For a ride tomorrow or later, request a Future Booking

  • A to B taxi ride
  • Not in a rush? Take the scenic route
  • Nowhere to go? Take a tour!
  • Standard ride
    Need a ride now? Call (864) 293-3065
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